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Kyoko is a free multi-purpose fun bot ready to skill up and boost up your Discord server.
Also features fun, jokes, memes and much more!

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Easy To Use

There are no complicated command in this bot. If you dont understand any command by mistake type .help, bot will send description and usage of the command in your PM.
24/7 Online

Kyoko's hosting is very amazing, it hosted on VPS so it will be on 24/7, There is nothing to worry about hosting in Kyoko. Its ultimate hosting.
Fully Enjoyable

You can enjoy Kyoko feauters in your server without any latency issue, get instant response for your every single command.

Bot Commands

Fun Commands

Kyoko have amazing fun commands with high quality stuff. Some of the fun commands are meme, joke, comic, slot, beer, hotcalc, noticeme, etc. We are adding more awesome commands on every update.

Weather Command

Kyoko have an amazing commands which is related to weather. You can get deatiled current weather status of any country or city by just typing .weather .

Why Choose us?

The most easy-to-use Discord bot! Memes | Jokes | Comics | Bitcoin | Slot Machine | Reddit & much more!.

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